Calvin ‎(7)‎ Hubbard  ‎(I27481)‎
Given Names: Calvin ‎(7)‎
Surname: Hubbard
Suffix: M.D.

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 6 May 1795 34 Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, USA
Death: 12 July 1872 ‎(Age 77)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 6 May 1795 34 Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, USA

Marriage Elizabeth Woodbury - 9 February 1825 ‎(Age 29)‎ Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death 12 July 1872 ‎(Age 77)‎
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Parents Family  (F20764)
Calvin ‎(6)‎ Hubbard
1761 - 1854
Ruth Meachum
- 1802
Calvin ‎(7)‎ Hubbard
1795 - 1872

Immediate Family  (F9336)
Elizabeth Woodbury
1801 -
Josiah Woodbury Hubbard
1826 - 1892
Elizabeth Helen Hubbard
1831 -
Charles Horace Hubbard
1834 -
Sarah Thorndike Hubbard
1836 -
Harriett Lincoln Hubbard
1839 -
Catherine Rachel Hubbard
1841 -


Shared Note
History of the town of Springfield, VT. ‎(1790 - 1895)‎
by C. Horace Hubbard and Justus Dartt ‎(1895)‎ Pgs. #247-250.

1850 Census, Springfield, Windsor, VT Physician
1860 Census, Springfield, Windsor, VT Farmer
1870 Census, Springfield, Windsor, VT Farmer

1n his yonth he worked on his father's farm, attending the famous Eureka School in the winter. He studied Latin, walking to the village to recite. At the age of 22, having been disabled for farm work by an accident, he began the study of medicine with Dr. Moses Cobb of the village. In 1817 and 1818 he attended the medical lectures at Dartmonth College, teaching school to pay his expenses, and becoming famous as a teacher of unruly schools.

1n March, 1819, he entered the office of Dr. Amos Twitchell of Keene, one of the most famous physicians and surgeons in New England, and whose kindness and that of his good wife won the enduring gratitnde and love of the yonng man, who was strnggling
with extreme poverty.

After completing his medical studies, he settled, April 4, 1821, in Nelson, N. H., ten miles east of Keene, where he remained in practice sixteen years. 1n 1837 he returned to Springfield, and bought his father's farm and two adjoining farms, where ‎(with
the exception of two years. 1839 to 1841, when he lived in the village in the house now owned and occupied by Dr. D. W. Hazelton, and practiced medicine)‎ he passed the rest of his days in farming, his favorite pursnit.

After living in Nelson for a few years he bought a farm, which he stocked with merino sheep, and from that time on was an enthusiastic sheep breeder.

Dr. Hubbard was a self-made man. of great natural abilities and tireless energy, and had the courage of his convictions. While living in Nelson the use of ardent spirits was universal. The neglect to offer a caller a drink was esteemed the most insulting
way of intimating that he need not call again: and its use in the hay field was regarded as a necessity. He decided to abandon the use of rum on his farm, and though warned by his
neighbors that it would be an impossibility, he carried it through, and the good example was followed by others. When he settled there, sixty barrels of rum were used yearly in town, besides other liquors. At the end of the sixteen years one barrel was enongh to last the people a year.

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Family with Parents
Calvin ‎(6)‎ Hubbard ‎(I58571)‎
Birth 3 April 1761 21
Death 1854 ‎(Age 92)‎ Guildhall, Essex, Vermont, USA
Ruth Meachum ‎(I58572)‎
Birth of Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA
Death 2 October 1802

Calvin ‎(7)‎ Hubbard ‎(I27481)‎
Birth 6 May 1795 34 Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, USA
Death 12 July 1872 ‎(Age 77)‎
Family with Elizabeth Woodbury
Calvin ‎(7)‎ Hubbard ‎(I27481)‎
Birth 6 May 1795 34 Springfield, Windsor, Vermont, USA
Death 12 July 1872 ‎(Age 77)‎
6 years
Elizabeth Woodbury ‎(I26960)‎
Birth 26 September 1801 49 23 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Death Yes

Marriage: 9 February 1825 -- Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
11 months
Josiah Woodbury Hubbard ‎(I58547)‎
Birth 3 January 1826 30 24
Death 16 September 1892 ‎(Age 66)‎ Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
6 years
Elizabeth Helen Hubbard ‎(I58548)‎
Birth 5 October 1831 36 30
Death Yes
3 years
Charles Horace Hubbard ‎(I58549)‎
Birth 25 November 1834 39 33
Death Yes
19 months
Sarah Thorndike Hubbard ‎(I58550)‎
Birth 17 June 1836 41 34
Death Yes
3 years
Harriett Lincoln Hubbard ‎(I58551)‎
Birth 3 April 1839 43 37
Death Yes
2 years
Catherine Rachel Hubbard ‎(I58552)‎
Birth 3 June 1841 46 39 , , Vermont, USA
Death Yes